COVID19 - The world will change

COVID19 - The world will change

I would not believe anyone out there has not yet heard about this virus and it's current pandemic! Well maybe in the most remote back of beyond locations on planet earth.

This Corona Virus has changed our lives dramatically in weeks and it is not over yet. For us in the UK maybe just beginning! For those whose lives will never ever be the same again because they have lost loved ones, what can we say? So sorry, we sympathise, we care and we are thinking of you. May your loved ones rest in perfect peace.

The gym where I work and business related to this website is conducted from locked down last Friday night at 10pm after my shift. Strange dramatic times both my managers came back in to close down. I had been on shift alone from 6-10. London went into lockdown!

Well partial lockdown only essential work and travel but some of those affected got told off for turning lockdown into a holiday by going to the beach, to parks etc in the sudden beautiful Spring weather. The problem being that fresh air does not kill or deter this virus. And outdoor tourist locations were getting too crowded to maintain the adviced 2 meter distance from others.

The inhabitants of London refused to stay at home, well some of them. Rush hour travellers/workers were packing on to fewer trains, tubes and other transport.

But if you are locked down and finding it hard, boring, lonely or tedious there is a lot you can do, think things you never have time to do. Spring cleaning, hmm tedious but it does need to be done and you can take your time. Or that form of exercise you have never tried or don't have time to do, Callanetics I would suggest one of my specialities. But it could be anything pilates, yoga? Perhaps not swimming though unless you have a pool or river at the end of your garden! Do something you are passionate about dance, write, sing? Read even a good one for me as I know I don't read enough.

If none of this helps and or you still need someone's help, then contact me for reduced price talk sessions on the phone. See my website: and email me at [email protected].

Take care everyone and stay safe and well!