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My name is Oremie Bidwell, Oremie B for short which is also my business name. I have just been through a nightmare! I am still getting over it in fact, if I can do it so can you.

My horrific nightmare involved neighbours above me in a badly converted 19th century property not just taking Class A drugs for a nine year period but operating a drug lab of sorts above my head. Their intense and foul smelling fumes were entering my flat day and night and giving me symptoms such as loss of consciousness, stabbing headaches, nausea, chest pains and lots more! I believe I will always have the condition I got from the relentless passive smoking which makes me prone to Cancer and Pneumonia.

By far the most devastatingly shocking issue about the whole saga was that I got no help from the housing association (my landlord) and Barnet authorities (Barnet is the London borough area I was living in). Worse my landlord who had known me for more than 15 years colluded with the authorities including the police and lied about me, defamation in order to protect my drug taking neighbours. They basically perverted the course of justice to turn me into the perpetrator. Their plan was to evict me in spite of an abundance of clues including a positive hair drugs test done by the very housing association, my landlord. I was left to suffer intolerable conditions for nine years even though clues littered the case. Including living with all doors and windows open even in Winter and still I could not get rid of the foul smelling drug fumes. Worse the authorities forged ahead in evicting me, the victim, by turning me into the perpetrator. They succeeded in evicting me on the 6th of August this year 2019, a judge allowed them to get away with this and I had the most terrible legal aid barrister who clearly did not care about my suffering.

If I can do it so can you, recover from pain. Read the whole story in my first book below, with a sequel to follow. Please read my story which is written with humour to inspire others and if you do be sure to write me a review. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your life and make the most of opportunities, I can help. gettingoverpain offers 1:1 Personal Training sessions/ Life Coaching to help you get back on track. Perhaps you’re struggling to lose weight, or have lost weight and are finding it hard keeping it off! Or you want to build strength, tone your muscles, work your core? Whatever your fitness goals I can offer one-to-one sessions +447950910436 and help you work through your problems and reach your goals in a caring non- judgemental manner. So send me a message and let's get started on our journey, I can't wait!

Getting Over Pain - Through sharing we inspire!

If you are going through hard times or getting over some kind of pain or if you just want help reaching your goals - join me and others and together we will achieve by talking, sharing, eating healthy & well, doing exercise and more. See what I have just been through in my first book: Absolute Nightmare on Dartmouth Road (sequel to follow). Available on amazon.com - if you read it be sure to write me a review.


It is vitally important to make sure you eat well at times when you feel a bit sad or when you feel any kind of pain mental or even physical because you want to keep your immune system strong and working well. If your immune system is not strong and stress, saddness, depression is known to lower the immune system, you will feel worse and start getting ill on top of everything. Juicing is an excellent way of loading your body with vital vitamins and minerals which are essential in staying in great condition. Juicing is basically blending a load of nutritious foods normally fruit and or veg in order to make smoothies in a few minutes to drink on a regular basis. This will help keep you strong. To make your smoothie choose fruit & veg you like and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Cucumber, Celery, Kiwi fruit, Black grapes, Carrots, Apples, Strawberries, Banannas, Spinach, Kale to name a few you could choose. Juicing is known to be great for our bodies and most importantly the immune system and anti-cancer. So good that people have been known to pass tumours from just regular healthy smoothies. Check out The Truth About Cancer.


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Absolutely brilliant! She went above and beyond It was a great experience.
2 Nov 2019
Oremie is a very warm and thoughtful person!
2 Nov 2019
Oremie has put me through my paces and kept me fit for more than four years now!
2 Nov 2019


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